Navigating Life With Your Soul in Mind

Astrology has given me an entirely new guidance system for life.

It's a system that honors you and the uniqueness of your soul. A system that asks you to stop looking "out there" for your answers & turn within.

In this one- hour class, I talk about your personal birth chart, a soul-map guiding you to your truest path.

Listen & learn...

What the birth chart is

A deeper understanding of your sun sign

How to tune into the needs of your heart by understanding your moon sign

Your North Star & Guiding Light

Want to go deeper with me & understanding your personal astrology?

Astrology is a complex language. There is just SO much more I'm able to cover when we dive in 1:1 together. I can go way deeper & cover a lot more ground when I am able to focus specifically on you.

If you desire to dive deep into your personal astrology, I have created an offering for you:

SOUL-ALIGNMENT: Diving Deep into the Heart of Your Birthchart & Crafting A Life with Your Soul in Mind

My favorite work with clients is transformational work & this two 90-min package experience is designed to take you deep so you can clear what's no longer working for you & align with a lifestyle that truly suits your soul.

Click on the link above for details.

I have limited space open & enrollment ends Aug 31.

Email me at create@jamiealger.com with any questions & I'll be right with you.