Hi, I’m Jamie!

I work with bold, big-hearted women ready for the next level of freedom.

The woman who is ready to take her time & energy more seriously.

The woman who is ready to claim her vision & anchor it into reality.

That really excites me.

Any time I work with a woman, we start within.

You come back home to yourself.

You build a rock solid foundation to build upon.

You work through the doubts & come out the other side.

It's always alignment before action.

Deep inner work isn’t for everyone, but it is life-changing.

Once you shift the inside, a new reality is possible on the outside.

What’s your freedom worth to you?


Hear about Susan's experience working intimately with me...

Susan worked with me intimately for 4-months in my group coaching program. I asked Susan:

 "What kind of woman do you think this work would resonate with?"

Susan's answer:

I think the woman that’s going to be drawn and the woman who’s going to get the most out of something like this is a woman who’s very curious. There's something that maybe she’s been wondering about. Maybe it’s these feelings like, 'Hmmm, I think I could do more but I’m not really sure how' or 'I’ve tried this and it was great but it’s not really  feeling connected anymore.' I think this kind of woman has self-awareness. She knows that she’s intelligent and capable. I mean, these are all great qualities to have. This is not about a lacking of anything. This is about a woman who knows there’s something more. And it’s not just money. It’s that AND. Money is really a resulting outcome of something like this. But there’s something deep. Something wise. There’s something inside that wants to be brought out and it’s that kind of woman that I think can come to a program like this. Because really, that’s how I did. Let’s be honest, that’s how I know. I’m that person. I can do a ton of stuff but I want it to MATTER. And I want to know that I’ve done something to unearth that. And I think it’s also a woman who is really ready to trust herself. 

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