Diving Deep into the Heart of your Birth Chart

Welcome! So honored you're here. This offering is close to my heart.

Why? I spent almost 30 years looking outside of myself for the answers, only to find that no one will ever know me or what I truly want quite like I do.

Your answers are inside of you. They always have been. But we aren't taught that. We aren't taught to trust ourselves. 

Astrology was the first system to come along and take my soul into account.

It is a way of navigating life that considers your unique needs. Gifts. Desires. Your areas for growth. Your mission.

Astrology is concerned with more than "how your life looks." It cares about "how your life FEELS."

I will forever be grateful for how astrology has guided me to move through the world. I have never felt more like me.

And I am so excited to offer Soul Alignment: a chance to dive deep into the heart of your birth chart with me. 

A chance to uncover your unique path, your soul's longings, your north star.

A chance to really explore who you long to be & how you want to live.

And an opportunity to chart the course ahead based on a deep place of soul-alignment.

Two 90-minute sessions designed to take you closer to who you're here to be. It was decided in the stars long ago.

And your path is waiting. It always has been. Waiting for you to align with it so life can start flowing with more ease & grace. More joy. More excitement.

If you're ready for a new navigation system that has your soul in mind, then join me for Soul Alignment. 


Soul Alignment: Two 90 Minute Sessions. You. Me. And Your Birth Chart.

Session 1: Understanding Your Birth Chart. Understanding You.

A Deep-Dive into each piece of your birth chart (the houses, the planets, and the signs)

Understanding your Major Life Themes, Areas of Mastery & Growth

Becoming Whole: taking all of your needs into consideration as you craft a nurturing lifestyle

Uncovering places where you aren't currently living in alignment

Discovering new ways to honor your soul & your joy


Session 2: Shifting into Deeper Alignment. Seeing the Path Forward.

Diving into Karma & Dharma: shifting out of old patterns toward your North Star

Uncovering Good Medicine for your Soul

Aligning with the energy present in your Progressed Chart (the Evolving You)

Mapping out Soulful Steps for moving forward: Embodying who you came here to be



This is for you if...

You feel deep down that you've been living life by someone else's rules & you crave to be more true to you

You sense that you could be living closer to your soul & creating a lifestyle that feels more nurturing & fulfilling

You are feeling stuck & having trouble making clear decisions on how you want to move forward or where you want to take your life next

You seem to keep pushing against the tides rather than flowing with them

You desire to feel more supported by life

You daydream about possibilities that feel exciting & you want to shift from fantasy to making them real

You are curious about astrology & would love to be able to weave it into your daily guidance of life

You are ready for a navigation system that makes sense to your soul

You want to value your time & energy more

You are ready to embody the person you know you came here to be & the life you came here to live



Intake Questionnaire so you & me can get really clear on your current situation vs. where you long to be/how you truly want to live & feel

An In-Depth Birth Chart Analysis done by me & shared with you during your first session

One 90-minute intake session - A Deep Dive into Understanding Your Birth Chart

One 90-minute follow-up session - Shifting Out of Old Patterns toward Your Current Mission & Most Alive Vision

Soulful Steps for moving forward emailed to you so you feel supported & clear navigating the rest of 2018

A list of resources for continuing to deepen your relationship with Astrology

(sessions will be held during the month of Sept 2018)



1 Payment of $850

2 Monthly Payments of $450

Questions? Email me @ create@jamiealger.com or schedule a 15 minute call with me here


What clients are saying...

Jamie Alger is a gifted facilitator. With gentle guidance I was led on a path of my own self-discovery. She was so encouraging, thoughtful and kind. It was like being on a treasure hunt discovering my own fears and blocks. I felt so energized, hopeful and free after talking with her. Jamie has a gift. I want her to be my friend!!!

- Tricia- Crete, Greece


Jamie is a woman with guidance, insight, and who speaks from her heart. She will open herself up and reveal her spirit to you. She will also show you who you are or could be. This is done in a warm, comfortable, loving way. I believe her goal is to inspire you to be the best you, that you can be!

- Diana, Chicago, Illinois


I was blessed with the opportunity to receive a birth chart reading from Jamie. I don’t have much experience with astrology. However, the moment I pulled up to see her, I knew that I had made the right choice. Jamie just has this sense of calm that radiates from her. It is this peacefulness that instantly made me feel safe and I knew I was going to start to find some answers to help me sort through some really tough emotions. I was at a point in my life where I had just experienced some really big changes. Jamie was so patient and kind and really just dove right in providing me with insight. So much of what she said really hit home and was spot on with how I had been living my life. She spent time with me explaining the various forces she saw at play in my life and how I could use those forces to my benefit. Since that meeting I have been approaching certain parts of my life differently, particularly spending more time focusing on me and taking care of myself, and I can say for certain that I have felt better as a result.

- Lorin, Orange County, California


You deserve to love your life. To feel excited waking up to it. To be fully you as you walk your path.


Intimate, transformative work with soulful individuals is my calling. It lights my soul up. If you could use some support unraveling your blocks & aligning with your true spirit so you can start living a life that excites you, I would love to be your guide.


Let's dive in!

Love,  Jamie




Email me at create@jamiealger.com

Or schedule a 15 minute call with me here