Claiming your creative calling

A 4 Month 1:1 Journey for Creatives & Entrepreneurs Ready for More Freedom

You're a Creative or Entrepreneur ready to pave your path to greater freedom...

And I'm so happy you're here.

It tells me you have a vision.

You're brave.

The status quo simply doesn't work for you.

You see a different way.

It tells me you value freedom. Individuality. Adventure.

You know it's possible.

But it doesn't mean it's easy.

You're paving a path where there is none.

You're making up the rules.

And at times it can feel scary. Lonely. Overwhelming. Complicated.

"What is the best way to move forward?"

"How do I take care of myself emotionally?"

"How do I set myself up for more ease?"

These may be questions you're asking yourself.

You see the vision in the distance & you want to move closer to living it.

You want to feel like you're over the hump.

That you've shifted into a space where it feels better. Clearer. More like flowing instead of pushing.

Whether you're just developing your creative work or ready to take it to the next level, you're in the right place...


I'm Jamie Alger.

Healer and consultant for creative visionaries ready for more freedom.

I like to think of myself as a mix between an intuitive and a cheerleader.

First and foremost, I SEE you.

I see you beyond the temporary doubts, roadblocks, overwhelm, and confusion.

I see your potential instead of the missing pieces.

I hold that vision for you so you can rise to meet it.

I help you strategize so you can escape the cycle of stuckness & spinning your wheels.

I know that pioneering women often go it alone & it can start to feel like a lonely road.

It's important to have someone in your corner who actually understands you and your vision.

Claiming Your Creative Calling is an opportunity to receive support...

Getting deeply clear on what feels exciting to create next

Breaking down the vision & putting the pieces together in a way that makes sense & allows for growth that sustains you

Shifting out of patterns & distractions that are not supporting your highest vision

Setting up systems that provide more ease

Doing the inner work required to receive the next level of your vision

Staying on track with clear goals, steps & accountability

Freeing up time & energy so you can consistently spend more time in your creative sweet spot


Because the thing is...

Your creative calling is meant to feel good.

That's why you set out on this path in the first place.

Your vision lit you up.

It felt close to your heart & your joy.

It inspired you.

And it's time to get back to that.

It's time to set yourself up to receive it.

Paving your own path can easily shift into feeling heavy, depleting & more like a chore.

No one said it would be easy.

Otherwise, everyone would be doing it.

But there is a way to start feeling good again as you navigate this journey.

We'll focus on that together.

We'll focus on a plan that allows you to shift into more ease.

More time in your creativity.

More flow.

More opportunities that excite you.

And the energetic work that will allow you to make these shifts.

Want to set yourself up for noticed progress that leaves you inspired & energized?

Want to feel more supported?

I've got you.


I help you slow it down. Break it down. See it clearly.

I hold you through your process.

I hold you to your highest vision.

I take your desires seriously.

I keep you accountable for the steps you want to take.

With a lot of love & honesty...

Let's set you up for your next level of freedom!

Let's take your creative vision & get it out into the world where it needs to be!


Claiming your creative calling 

A 4-MONTH journey FOR the CREATIVE visionary READY for more freedom & FLOW


Getting deeply clear on what you want to create & how you want to feel (claiming the vision)

Cutting out the distractions & focusing on what matters most right now (aligned action & momentum)

Creating strategic & manageable steps (a clear plan)

Spending more time in your zone of genius, creativity & expression (defining your sweet spot & gifts)

Energetic practices to shift you into a place of abundance, receiving & flow (inner healing work)

Designing a lifestyle of greater balance & ease (lifestyle design)

Launching your new offerings/creative ideas into the world so they can support you & impact others (your next level of freedom)


4 months

2 sessions per month

75 minutes each

8 sessions total


You will have your own custom board online where I post session notes, next steps to take & resources for you after each session so you can easily stay clear, organized, focused and on track

You will have access to me via Voxer or email in between sessions for pressing questions that come up

Ready to claim your creative calling?

Set up an enrollment call. You'll have the chance to tell me what you're desiring & ask me your questions.

I'll be able to quickly asses if this would be the perfect next step for you & what we could accomplish together.


What Clients Have Experienced...


I was feeling pulled toward something new & exciting, but felt lots of confusion about my next steps & how to take them. Working with Jamie inspired me to make so many changes! I found the courage to leave my job & follow my heart by pouring into my coaching business. I gained the self-confidence to level up & start charging what I know I’m worth. I'm creating big, wild dreams & action plans to get me there. I'm still in awe that I can have the life of ease I've dreamed about. This realization is helping me build a rock solid foundation for my growth both personally & professionally.

                                                         - Vibha Arora, Life & Parenting Coach



I laid the foundation I needed to get on my way. My speed has slowed down. My anxiety has vanished. My confidence has increased. I really believe in what I have to offer. I loved my sessions with Jamie. They allowed me to do a lot of inner work.  And now I've mapped out my own services. I have a contract based on my own demands & it’s been signed. I feel very centered in who I am & what I can do.

- Liz Clarkson, Paralegal



I knew I was ready to take action but felt stuck with overwhelm due to all the possible channels. I didn't have a prioritized structure to pursue my vision. Now, I am developing one channel of my vision very intentionally while still honoring my own process of discovery. Working with Jamie ignited my own wisdom and supported my inner compass. I feel prepared to continue building different channels of my business in a way that's aligned to my deeper values, wisdom and feminine knowing.

- Susan Swearingen, Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher