Get Intimate With your Soul. Create a Life that Lights You Up.


A Letter for the Pioneering Woman...

If some part of you has always felt different, then you're in the right place.

What's most different about you?

You're unwillingness to settle.

There is a dream that stirs inside of your heart.

It may be quieter at times, sometimes booming, but, not matter the volume, if you listen, it's always there.

Sometimes it may feel clear. Sometimes it may feel fuzzy.

Sometimes you feel confident. Sometimes you feel shaky.

But you're on this path for the long haul. 

You and I both know it.

There's nothing you want more than a life lived by your own rules.

On your own terms.

This is an invitation for the rebel who has a big-heart.

The rebel who's just never been satisfied with the status quo.

The one unwilling to compromise herself. 

The one with creative dreams.

A love of freedom.

A desire to get closer to her deepest goals.

Being a pioneering woman on this planet isn't easy, but it's what we desperately need.

Pioneering women daring to do things differently.

I want you to know that there's nothing wrong with you and everything right with you.

I want to help you embrace your uniqueness.

But there is NO PATH. And it can feel hard. Ambiguous. Abstract.

It requires CREATIVITY.

This is for the woman who:

Is tired of compromising herself

Has adapted to fit the world instead of adapting the world to fit her

We need more pioneers willing to do it differently.

I would love to support you in paving your path. A path that is wild and unknown and also exciting, alive and revolutionary.

I know what it's like to not fit in the box. To try and try to fit in and feel your soul being squashed.

I want to help you embrace who you really are and pave a path accordingly.

If you are someone who has worked hard, followed the rules and still feels like something's missing, I have something special for you...



Hi, I'm Jamie...

M.S. in Counseling and Certified Evolutionary Astrologer.

And astrology has completely changed the way I navigate my life.


It validated my decision to step into my creative work. It made me feel supported in my decision to move to Austin, TX. It has changed the way I make decisions in my life.

My astrology mentor, Steven Forrest, once told me something that I'll never forget. 

"If you're honest, some people won't like you. But if you're not, you won't like yourself."

That's when it dawned on me. I'd been living my life for others for a long damn time.

And I had been neglecting me. My truth. My real desires. My honest.

Since then, I have started to ask myself, "How do I create a life that truly honors me?"

And astrology has helped me do it.


I feel supported and understood. And like I am now flowing with the tides of life rather than pushing against them.

The world we live in today tells us look outside of ourselves. That we'll find happiness if we keep pushing forward and achieving more.

In the process, we risk leaving our souls behind.

And then we wonder why we don't feel good. We wonder why it's not working. We wonder why we seemingly sabotage the very thing we thought we wanted.

When your soul isn't on board with what you're creating, you'll sabotage it every time.

So, let's get back to basics. Back to your roots. Back to soul. Back to you. So you can get honest about what you came here to do. How your soul wants to play and grow in this lifetime.

It's time to create a life you are excited to show up for instead of a life you want to run away from.







Time to dive deep 

Soul Guidance is an Intimate 4 month 1:1 Self-Exploration Journey

You. Me. Astrology. And mapping out a lifestyle that truly suits your soul.



Month 1: October

Getting your soul on board.

Getting intimate with your soul


Month 2: November

When you align with your design, the universe gets behind you.

Deep Dive into Your Astrology

Aligning with the lifestyle that lights you up

Growth for the soul



Month 3: December

Putting it into practice

A lifestyle that nurtures you. A vision that inspires you.


Month 4: January

Developing a plan that will carry you into 2019. 

Defining concrete steps.

Fantasy overwhelms action.


This is an accelerated course. We are going to dig deep, weed out patterns and behaviors that are not satisfying you and boldly line you up with what feels true.

And if astrology has shown me anything, it's that our greatest growth is usually uncomfortable, not where we automatically think or want to go, and it's really nice to have support in going down the unknown path.





What's included...

1 90 minute intake session - diving deep into your unique astrology

4 75 minute exploration sessions - aligning your life according to your rules and what the soul wants

1 90 minute 2019 planning session - creating a plan to support this lifestyle moving forward

Voxer support in-between calls

Welcome package with my favorite books that will blow your mind




Or 4 monthly payments of $750

(additional payment plan available upon asking)