Client Praise


Jamie Alger is a gifted facilitator. With gentle guidance I was led on a path of my own self-discovery. She was so encouraging, thoughtful and kind. It was like being on a treasure hunt discovering my own fears and blocks. I felt so energized, hopeful and free after talking with her. Jamie has a gift. I want her to be my friend!!!

Tricia, Crete, Greece


Jamie is a woman with guidance, insight, and who speaks from her heart. She will open herself up and reveal her spirit to you. She will also show you who you are or could be. This is done in a warm, comfortable, loving way. I believe her goal is to inspire you to be the best you, that you can be!

Diana, Chicago, ILLINOIS


I was blessed with the opportunity to receive a birth chart reading from Jamie. I don’t have much experience with astrology. However, the moment I pulled up to see her, I knew that I had made the right choice. Jamie just has this sense of calm that radiates from her. It is this peacefulness that instantly made me feel safe and I knew I was going to start to find some answers to help me sort through some really tough emotions. I was at a point in my life where I had just experienced some really big changes. Jamie was so patient and kind and really just dove right into providing me with insight. So much of what she said really hit home and was spot on with how I had been living my life. She spent time with me explaining the various forces she saw at play in my life and how I could use those forces to my benefit. Since that meeting I have been approaching certain parts of my life differently, particularly spending more time focusing on me and taking care of myself, and I can say for certain that I have felt better as a result.

Lorin, Orange County, CALIFORNIA


#WCW goes to Jamie Alger. I love this powerhouse goddess. She has a special way of opening my heart and mind with her insightful life musings and astrological interpretations. She is also a highly educated and phenomenal relationship guide that has given me great clarity and advice in that area. Her work gives voice to a refreshing perspective and will help you break through barriers that may have been built up by yourself. Do yourself a favor and follow, reach out, build a relationship with her. It will enrich your life in so many ways.

Holly, San Francisco, CALIFORNIA


Thank you Jamie for changing my outlook on life and on myself. Through your beautiful spirit, thinking and knowledge, you have guided me through my life changing spiritual journey to a place of pure happiness!

Angie, Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA


Jamie Alger is such an amazing force of “light” in my life. She was created to make others’ lives better. People need what she has: her smile, her love, her words, her encouragement!!

Rosie, Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA

Hear about Susan's experience working with me...

Susan worked with me intimately for 4-months in my group coaching program. I asked Susan:

 "What kind of woman do you think this work would resonate with?"

Susan's answer:

I think the woman that’s going to be drawn and the woman who’s going to get the most out of something like this is a woman who’s very curious. There's something that maybe she’s been wondering about. Maybe it’s these feelings like, 'Hmmm, I think I could do more but I’m not really sure how' or 'I’ve tried this and it was great but it’s not really  feeling connected anymore.' I think this kind of woman is curious. She has self-awareness. She knows that she’s intelligent and capable. I mean, these are all great qualities to have. This is not about a lacking of anything. This is about a woman who knows there’s something more. And it’s not just money. It’s that AND. Money is really a resulting outcome of something like this. But there’s something deep. Something wise. There’s something inside that wants to be brought out and it’s that kind of woman that I think can come to a program like this. Because really, that’s how I did. Let’s be honest, that’s how I know. I’m that person. I can do a ton of stuff but I want it to MATTER. And I want to know that I’ve done something to unearth that. And I think it’s also a woman who is really ready to trust herself.