Fill Your Cup: Costa Rica

A Restorative Retreat in the Heart of the Jungle

FINCA MIA * July 3-9, 2019

An Invitation:

A few years ago, I went to one of the most magical places in Costa Rica for a women's retreat.

It was a deeply healing & clarifying experience for me.

Not only was I surrounded by some of the most supportive souls, but I was immersed in the kind of nature that takes your breath away, in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle.

I'd head down to the river in the morning, lay on the big rocks, listen to the water & hear myself in ways I wasn't able to in the daily rush of my life.

We'd gather in circle in the evenings & share our deep, down truths & desires.

We'd move our bodies to yoga in the morning, close our eyes & listen to music in the evenings, chat around the fire.

That nurtured & that full, I was able to hear what I really wanted & needed on such a heartfelt level.

It would be such an honor to invite you to this magical space, a stunning retreat center created by the kindest couple with so much love & talent.

The theme will be deep PRESENCE.

Slowing down. Tuning in. Hearing yourself more fully in nature & having the courage to share what you find with new friends around our circle.

Simply put, this is a container for dedicating a week of deep magic to you.

When we intentionally carve out time to SLOW DOWN, we are able to hear & see in ways that end up moving us forward tremendously.

Would you like to join?


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